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CALMA-TEC HG-C is the highest quality noise barrier product available on the market today. The use of CALMA-TEC HG-C is useful wherever sustainable solutions are in demand and high standards  of noise protection, durability and product elegance apply. The noise reduction is 75%



High-Tech for High-Speed

The fatique-proof CALMA-TEC HG-C system was tested by German test institutes according to the latest CE standards and according to RiL 804.5501 and approved by the German Federal Railway Authority for ass speeds up to 300 km/h. The extruded light aluminum planks are stored vibration-free and the inserted absorber wedges made of foames polyethylene whisper foam absorb the noise. The system enables very short assembly times: Standard fields of 5 meters can be mounted in just 15 minutes.



Lärmschutz HG-C