Research & Development

Calma-Tec Road Solution

Research & Development for the best protection against noise

Years of research and development have made CALMA-TEC a leader in noise protection. Outstending products have been developed in close coorperation with recognized testing institutes, universites, business partners and customers. The results are modular, high-tech noise-absorbing systems that provide first class soundproofing.



“The ear is on reception day and night, making it one of the most vulnerable human organs.”

Sickness noise

International studies confirm that noise causes long term serious illness. Although residents seem to “get used to” noise from busy streets and railways, the human ear transmits the information recieved at any time of the day or night to the brain.

Even with events of more than 55 dB(A) during the day and more then 45 dB(A) at night , the risk of physical stress reactions increases in the long run many times, such as high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, migraine, intestinal diseases and tinnitus.


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The product response: CALMA-TEC friendly noise

The new noise reduction systems have been developed together with international partners:

  • HG-C System for High-Speed-Trains
  • NG-C System Noise sip installations
  • PIN-Lärmspoiler as a retrofit system
  • Whisper foam for full absorption
  • Eco-barrier for private fences
  • Transparent walls
  • ulmerwelle
  • Industrial noise panels

Joint responsibility for noise reduction

Each community can do something about the health and noise pollution of its inhabitants and visitors. We support you with comprehensive advice on retrofittable an cost-effective solutions of CALMA-TEC noise protection systems.